Santee Sioux Code Talkers Bronze Medal 3 Inch


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  • Bronze duplicate of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to the Santee Sioux Code Talkers
  • Beautiful addition to any collection for the military history enthusiast
  • Measures 3 inches in diameter

The Santee Sioux Tribe Code Talkers 3 Inch Bronze Medal is a bronze duplicate of the Congressional Gold Medal awarded to Santee Sioux Tribe Code Talkers at a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol Building on November 20, 2013, in recognition of their dedication and valor. The medal measures three inches in diameter.

The obverse design depicts a Santee Sioux Code Talker looking up and focusing on the task required. The barbed wire is a symbol of the threat to the soldier. Inscriptions are “MDEWAKANTON WAKPEKUTE” and “SANTEE DAKOTA SIOUX CODE TALKERS.” According to the Santee Sioux Tribe, “Mdewakanton” translates to “Dwellers at Spirit Lake” and “Wakpekute” to “Shooters Among the Leaves.”

The reverse design depicts the Santee Sioux Nation seal. Inscriptions are “WORLD WAR I - WORLD WAR II” and “ACT OF CONGRESS 2008.”

Design: Obverse – Frank Morris
Obverse Engraver – Phebe Hemphill
Reverse Designer/Engraver – Charles L. Vickers
Struck Under Authority of: Public Law 110-420
Place Minted: Philadelphia Mint (no mint mark)
Composition: 90% Copper & 10% Zinc